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14th Street Steam Project

Challenge: The client was complaining that the steam heating system was uneven and noisy throughout the house and extremely expensive to run. He had already spent money with other so called Heating Pros but they delivered little or no results.

This is how we found things.  Quite a mess!


Venting is key to saving fuel. We know how to save you fuel.


Approach: The first thing we did was make a complete technical evaluation of the entire house. We considered the way things should be, and then we looked at the way things were. Then we put together our plan.

Solution: We determined from the piping that this had originally been a coal-fired system, so we installed properly sized main vents where there had been none before. These help the steam get where it needs to go. We also determined that this home could be heated with only one ounce of steam pressure, so we changed the pressuretrol to a vaporstat, which is a much more precise control. We corrected the flaws in the near-boiler piping, and we insulated it all to keep the steam from condensing before it reached the radiators. Finally, we balanced the radiators with the proper air vents.

Our client was immediately ecstatic. He was impressed with the quick and even heating of their home. After one full billing cycle the client made a point to call us and inform us that not only was the system operating beautifully, but their fuel bill had been reduced by almost 50%. That was music to our ears.

We'd welcome the opportunity to listen to your problem and come up with a plan to solve it. Thanks for considering us. We look forward to getting together with you.


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